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Ladies and gentlemen, Apnara jara acid ke chinen na…

Acid Ki?

Oi shala ekta bhooter baccha

Acid Kiii?

Fine, he’s a DEMON!

Acid is a What??

Ac1D Verse 1:

Acid is a demon stuck to the tomb in the back of the room
And the rumors provin the moons
Awaking a monster strapped to the wall with chains
And half of the moment his locked in place
His face is masked in case
His striving in hunger to run to your block and
Blade your throat, and cut your skin and eat your flesh
Just for the taste (ha ha)
A million souldiers marchin the war, its me against just all you foes,
This is how a killa goes, and murder murder all you hoes
Got joker, to strangle and choke her
Back and forth on the sofa, the mattress soaked
Its over, both of the chickens screaming
[mm mmm mmm mmm trunk slams shut)
I’m a psychopath, a maniac like – ayo bring the lady man
Mouth duck taped shut – tell me what she freakin sayin?
Bound to start the rain again beginning til’ the very end
Oh you wanna’ play again say hello to my little friend..
[body drops to the floor after gun shot]

Kazi Chorus 1:

Acid chule akash pure chite pore prithibi te
Attara hate chari pashe bibek nirbikar
Bidyut chomkay, mati kape, raater roop e din fire ashe
Manob danob shobai hoye ei acid er shikar

Ac1D Verse 2:

Acid dhore jin er moto, bhoot rao bhoyte montro porto
Jontronato kotha bolto, gonotontro hariye to
Jontro dhoira ulta koira mukh ta chilla buk ta kaat
[Acid ke?] Tor baap er baap er baap er dada’r baap er baba
Opore niche agay pichay chari dikay nachay shaap
Ar purnima chaad e haate atta ondhokare kaap e raat
Police ailey lukai daa’
Roktoto hathay mukhay daag
Ar bichnar nichay lash poray thakay
Bhanga komor ar’ bhanga paa
Ami ashle shobai jane mrittu-prohor bheshe ashe
Manush roop er poshu jara mukhosh tader khule jabe
Pabe na khuje pabe na amake aj tomadaer majhe
Ghoorni jhor er moto sriti akashe to meeshe jabe

Kazi Chorus:

Haat e choori dishehara niyotir bidhane kaach er moto shopno gulo jodi bhenge pore jay
Haate acid eka eka, age peeche keu nei dekhar, dui din er e duniya ajke ache kalke nai

Ac1D Verse 3:

Puffin’ bud in the streets now lets cipher man
I got a dub in my hand like its Amsterdam
Gram er bashar pukure to laash pure dhumay
Bonduk er guli, mathar bhitore ghumay
Playin around will get your shoulder popped’
Semi-automatic cocked at ya call the doctor
When my flow gets hot, you feel the burn
From the speakers, to your skin, to the hypodermo



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