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you could find me in the club nigga watchu think?
got em girls that’ll fall for the gucci mink
i got a cold from the ice on both my rings
i gotta go like a pro when i do my thing
you niggas, know the deal im bound to spit
see the thing with this chick she gon’ suck my [slurp] you dont even know what the deal with kid
put lead in your mouth, control your lips
dekho.. tumi shap ar ami shapura (tai naki)
manusher roop niye ashe poshu ta
to aray lojjate bolay sheto nachbay na
to dakho bashi’r awaj shunay shay baddho [haaah] talay asho.. gaa pechey nachoo
tomar thot bolay amar kotha vabo..
talay asho-re chup koray thako-re
ajkay rate to shobkichu pabo-re
Oray baba.. Whats good mami?
Gari tari dekhi shob kichu daami.
Bhalo basho amake to sheta jani
akash thekay tomar jonno chand bhenge ani
talay asman porbay ki?
shaper moto gaa pechey tumi dhorbay ki?
aray club e te gaanta ta cholbe ki
i’m like double R man.. Drop the Beat..

Mana Chorus:

Tell me baby whats your name can you buy me a drink?
club is bumpin’ everybodys jumpin’ its rainin acid rain..
M 2 da A 2 da N 2 da A and you know you know my name..
Got your body in motion, a sip of my potion….dont get burned on my flame..

Tell me baby whats your name?
[ac1d] you already know my name
club is bumping everybodys jumpin.. its raining acid rain…

Ac1D Verse 2:

Ya’ll niggas dont really want to fight
when i bust im sort of like a dynamite
i take a puff, and if i die tonight
then ima come back and haunt like a poltergeist
you see i, breathe weed like its oxygen…
just puffed, and i dont wanna puff again!
DJ, gotta make the record spin..
mix jack with coke and i aint sober mann
i got, two chicks from the front to back
take her straight to the floor and do the booty clap
you niggas, know my name the king is back
he said, bangla rap i made the map
talay, shobay akhon take chinte pay
are, bonduk ache bashay teenta (3) bhai
to dakho, ondho karay jodi din ta jay
talay shob here geleo kono upay naii
jiboner bashay thakito khali tumi ar ami [tumi koi?] ajkay to acho, to kalkay to nai talay bolo mane ki [mane ki?] talay asho gaa pachay nacho..
tomar thot bolay amar kotha vaboo
talay asho re chup kore thako ray
ajkay rate to shob kichu pabo.



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