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Bappa Mazumder

Bappa Mazumder (Bengali: বাপ্পা মজুমদার) is a singer from Bangladesh, lyricist and composer. Bappa is famous for his Bengali romantic compositions, some of which have been performed with his band, Dalchhut. He is a son of a music couple, the classical maestro Ustad Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder. Mazumder has also composed more than a […]

Ayub Bachchu

Ayub Bachchu (16 August 1962 – 18 October 2018) was a Bangladeshi rock guitarist, composer and singer-songwriter, who was a member of the Bangladeshi rock band LRB. He earned success as the founder and the lead guitarist of the band.[1] Bachchu began his career as the guitarist of Feelings (Now known as Nagar Baul) where […]