Bappa Mazumder (Bengali: বাপ্পা মজুমদার) is a singer from Bangladesh, lyricist and composer. Bappa is famous for his Bengali romantic compositions, some of which have been performed with his band, Dalchhut. He is a son of a music couple, the classical maestro Ustad Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder.

Mazumder has also composed more than a thousand musical numbers for other musicians. In recent times, Bappa has recorded and performed with Fahmida Nabi, (Ek Muthho Gaan). Along with singing, writing and composing, Bappa also has worked as an anchor, namely on The One, a musical talk show on Channel One, a channel that came to a close in 2010. His seventh solo album Din Bari Jaay was released in 1 February 2007, was a massive hit. Eighth solo album Shurjosnane Chol released in 2008, also a hit. ninth solo album Beche Thak Shobuj released in (2012). Tenth solo album Janina Kon Montorey was also a hit, released in 2014). Ek Mutho Gan 2, was released in February 2010.

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