Faruq Mahfuz Anam (born 02 October, 1964), best known by his stage name James, is a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer. He is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of the rock band “Feelings” (now known as Nagar Baul), which he founded in 1977. James was born and raised in Naogaon. But, he grew up in Chittagong City.

James has also led a successful solo career, with hit albums like “অনন্যা (Ananya)” (1989), “পালাবি কোথায়? (Where Will You Run to?)” (1995), “দুঃখিনি দুঃখ করোনা (Don’t Regret)” (1997), “ঠিক আছে বন্ধু (Okay, My Friend)” (1999). He has composed and produced songs for four Bollywood films, including Gangster (2006), Woh Lamhe (2006), Life in a… Metro (2007), Warning (2013).

James rose to mainstream fame in the 1990s as the frontman of Feelings, which is one of the “Big Three of Rock”, who were responsible for developing and popularizing hard rock music in Bangladesh, along with LRB and Ark. Feelings is considered to be the pioneer of psychedelic rock in Bangladesh.[4] He is often referred by the name “Guru”.

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