Ayub Bachchu (16 August 1962 – 18 October 2018) was a Bangladeshi rock guitarist, composer and singer-songwriter, who was a member of the Bangladeshi rock band LRB. He earned success as the founder and the lead guitarist of the band.[1]

Bachchu began his career as the guitarist of Feelings (Now known as Nagar Baul) where he played from 1977 to 1980, in Chittagong City[2]. In 1980, he joined Souls where he played for 10 years and appeared in four studio albums including Super Souls (1982), “কলেজের করিডোরে (In the Corridors of College)” (1985), “মানুষ মাটির কাছাকাছি (People are Close to the Ground)” (1987) and East and West (1988). In 1990, he left the band to form his own band LRB, where he was the vocalist and guitarist for 27 years, until his death in 2018. He also received well success as a solo artist, releasing albums like “ময়না (Moyna)” (1988), “কষ্ট (Sadness)” (1995), “সময় (Time)” (1996), which all received well success. He was also one of the wealthiest celebrities of Bangladesh, with a net worth of BDT 16.2 Crore taka (US $2 million dollars). In October 2018, Bachchu died of cardiac failure in his own residence in Dhaka. He gave his last performance in Rangpur, Bangladesh.[3]

Bachchu is widely regarded as the greatest and most influential guitarist of Bangladesh. He is sometimes referred to as “the guitar god”.

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